Home Automation

Home Automation:

  • Sonos:

    1. The serial number contains the MAC Address
    2.  #### AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF-##
    3. The MAC Address is AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

  • Apple Homepod:

    1. This needs to be obtained using a network analyzer

  • Amazon Echo:

    1. Download and open the Amazon Alexa app from your phone or computer and sign in with your Amazon Account.
    2. Connect to the wireless network transmitted by your Echo device.
    3. The wireless MAC address for your Echo can be found at the bottom of the Echo Setup screen in the Alexa app.

  • Google Home:

    1. Download and open the Google Home app on your phone.
    2. You should see your Google Home listed. Select it and then press Set up.
    3. Accept the prompt allowing your phone to connect to your Google Home.
    4. Answer the Set up questions.
    5. Enter the location of your Google Home and select Continue.
    6. The Wireless MAC Address will be listed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Philips Hue:

    1. The MAC address is printed on a sticker, located on the back of the Hue bridge.

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