Video Streaming Devices

Video Streaming Devices

  • Chromecast:

    1. During setup with the  Google Home app, connect to the network that the chromecast broadcasts.
    2. Click the three dots in the top right, and select “Show Mac-Address”Chromecast Setup


  • Roku TV:

    1. Select Settings from the Roku Home screen
    2. Select Network and then About
    3. The Wireless MAC-Address is displayed on the screen.


  • Apple TV:

    1. Select to the Settings Application
    2. From the settings menu select General
    3. From the General menu select Network
    4. The MAC address will be either the Wi-Fi Address if the Apple TV is connected via WiFi or Ethernet Address if the Apple TV is connected via an Ethernet cable.

  • Fire TV:

    1. From the Home select Settings.
    2. Select Device or My Fire TV.
    3. Select About.
    4. Select Network.
    5. The MAC Address is listed on the right.

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